Why Should You Give Homeopathy a Try?

Homeopathy, which is the practice of using extremely diluted substances to treat ailments, was developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Both conventional and homeopathic doctors will tell you that it works best as a compliment to conventional medicine, not as a replacement for it . 

Reasons Why You Should Give Homeopathy A Try

  1. It’s nontoxic. Homeopathic remedies are so heavily diluted that they no longer contain the original substance used to create them. These substances have been found not to cause side effects, but rather help promote balance of body functions . Some homeopathy practitioners suggest that if you do feel any symptoms after taking a remedy, then you need more of it, but this is rare. In fact, some research has shown that there is no difference between placebo and homeopathic treatments , suggesting that something other than the treatment itself may be responsible for the improvement seen in patients receiving homeopathic treatment.
  2. Conventional medicine can make you sicker or even kill you. This is especially true for those with chronic diseases who rely on conventional medicine as their only option. The reason for this is that side effects are always an issue when it comes to conventional medicine, with drugs being pulled from the shelves every day due to serious side effects . If you’re on medications, be aware of how they’re affecting your body.
  3. It’s not about quick fixes. Homeopathy believes in getting to the root of a disease instead of treating symptoms , which can lead to quicker recovery times. It doesn’t rely on temporary fixes like popping pills whenever you have a symptom – this will often make things worse in the long run because you never address what may have caused certain issues in your body . That being said, if you are still against homeopathy even after trying it for yourself, then visit your GP and explain the pros of homeopathy to him or her. It may be enough to open up his or her mind to it.
  4. Conventional medicine is expensive. More often than not, if you’re sick you end up paying more because of conventional medical costs. Plus, medications can be very pricey, which is why some people are turning towards homeopathy for relief without costing an arm and a leg.
  5. The search for new cures doesn’t stop. Physicians are always trying to find new drugs that can help people who have chronic diseases manage their symptoms better while also being able to reduce medication intake so they don’t experience dangerous side effects. Along with drug development , pharmacologists are constantly studying natural compounds in plants and animals so they can discover more ways to save lives instead of hurting them. Unfortunately, this research comes with a massive price tag.
  6. Conventional medicine is getting very invasive. Conventional medicine has become more advanced than ever before, which often makes medical procedures much more risky and dangerous to the point where they can cause permanent damage or even death . Even things that used to be simple tests , such as colonoscopies, now come with a risk since many physicians rely on drugs that cause serious side effects . You also have to keep in mind that these types of medical advancements cost a ton of money to fund, leading pharmaceutical companies to hike up prices without warning. Homeopathy may seem unorthodox, but it doesn’t pose any risks and costs considerably less than what conventional medicine requires these days.
  7. Homeopathy is a safe and effective option. It’s been used for over 200 years, but it wasn’t until the last few decades that pharmaceutical companies took an interest in it. With this came many studies to determine its effectiveness, leading researchers to discover how homeopathic remedies can help you enjoy a better quality of life. In fact, there have been hundreds of scientific studies conducted on homeopathy that have revealed very positive results.
  8. It promotes natural healing without drugs or side effects. Homeopathy encourages your body to heal itself naturally so you don’t have to rely on dangerous medications with hefty price tags. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid costly medical procedures if you focus on restoring health from within instead of relying solely on external treatments or medication.
  9. It doesn’t inhibit your body’s immune system. Conventional medicine has been shown to suppress the immune system in many patients, which can lead to serious health problems down the road. Homeopathy is a much healthier and natural approach that won’t put you at risk of developing anything dangerous from the get-go.
  10. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours at a doctor’s office. If you’re looking for pain relief , homeopathy offers you a way to take care of it without having to sit in a waiting room for several minutes or even hours on end. Plus, when treating chronic conditions such as cancer, homeopathy gives you the opportunity to visit your practitioner less often since symptoms improve gradually over time instead of all at once like what happens when using conventional medicine.
  11. It’s a good option for children, too. If you have young kids, then it can be extremely difficult to have them sit still while they wait to see the doctor. In some cases, visiting a pediatrician means having your child on an examining table while he or she screams at the top of his or her lungs from being so scared and anxious. Homeopathy is great for these types of situations since it allows parents to treat their little ones in a comfortable environment where everything is much calmer.

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic approach to curing your ailments. This type of medicine has been practiced for hundreds of years and it’s still used today because people are seeing results! If you want to get back on the path to good health without any side effects or harsh chemicals that might make you feel worse in the long run, give homeopathy a try.

More About the Authors 

Essential Zen focuses on Homeopathy, which is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals to stimulate the healing process. It was developed in the late 1700s in Germany and is becoming more popular in the United States.  Our mission is to increase that popularity and help it continue to grow.  

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